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world in which " Jack's as good as his Master "
unpleasant to the last degree.
If you still probe him with questions and lead-
ing suggestions, you will begin to realise how large
a part the need for glory over his fellows plays in his
composition (and incidentally you will note,
please, your own secret satisfaction in carrying
the argument against him). It will become
clear to you, if you collate the specimen under
examination with the behaviour of children,
yourself and the people about you, under what
urgent necessity they are for the sense of triumph,
of being better and doing better than their
fellows, and having it felt and recognised by
someone. It is a deeper, steadier impulse than
sexual lust; it is a hunger. It is the due to the
unlovingness of so much sexual life, to sadistic
impulses, to avarice, hoarding and endless un-
gainful cheating and treachery which gives men
the sense of getting the better of someone even
if they do not get the upper hand.
In the last resort this is why we must have law,
and why Magna Carta and all its kindred docu-
ments set out to defeat human nature in defence
of the general happiness. LaW feressentially an
adjustment of that craving to glory over other
living things, to the needs of social life, and it is
more necessary in a collectivist society than in